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Thank you Harley, you do appreciate my problem and the historic nature of the M-E, the same action(not cal) as seen in the film "ZULU!" with Mike Cain. also SA(Boer War). Thanks again.***The 1889 bayonet is 22"... NOT 9"(my metric conversion awry!) the 1909 pattern only 17" for the N01(and also WW1 and even WW2 SMLE) Lee-Enfield or "long-tom". The No5 Jungle Carbine(1942) has only a 6"blade.....Hmm...interesting!***Barc, also thanks... but the calibre on the packet is often NOT the miked bullet size. The Sierra is actually in OZ .310 but says .311, so you can see that my barrel wear is critical - as is the very variable gauging of barrels in this calibre in the manufacture..


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