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I have recently cleaned up and restored to range firing condition one of these strong martini/peabody Enfield 1885 455/577 Henry conversions and needed a few spares, which were little expence or problem via Cookie`s at Inverell, ditto an authentic 1889, 9" triangular spike bayonet and sheath at Jansa`s in Sydney. *** My problem now is lack of rifling due to age, as it can`t shoot lead(linotype) properly and most 303 projectiles are .310" not 312" and are also tumbling, yes, even Hornady XTP.32 X100gn. The Speer "hot cor" 150gn is 3105" and seems promising with a good 1" three-shot group being printed at 50metres with RWS large berdan primers in OZ Mil cases and 38gn ADI 2208. ***Given that a new barrel is impossible, is there any way that I can enhance or maximise the existing anti-clockwise 1:10 rifling? Even a sabot may be possible, but supply a big problem here. ***Any help would be much appreciated !


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