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I've already made the personal decision that one will ever take any of my possessions without me putting up a fight so that's a moot point
The fact that you brought this up means that at least on some level you see the folly of it. You carry a weapon only to defend yourself and those you love. You can't defend your possessions with lethal force. There is no possession in my home that I would kill or be killed for.

One day I ran into a country boy at the local gun shop. He was proud to drag out his Ruger P89 and show it to everybody (even though no one had asked him to) and he told me that he carries two spare 15 round mags with it. He said one day he stopped to help out a motorist. When he was walking over to the persons car 8-9 other guys walked out of the woods towards them. He drew his weapon and retreated to his car. Now he says he never leaves home with less than 45 rounds. I wonder how he thinks that would play out? I honestly can't imagine that after I've shot the first couple guys that the last few are really going to want to start some shenanigans. I do carry an extra mag and a spare 17 round mag in my console but its not so I can repel a group. I would prefer my AK for that.
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