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fiddletown, I do have some data from my research.

From 1970 to 2007, there were a total of 12 shootings that involved handloads, that were investigated statewide. These were claimed SD shootings.

Note: There were many more shootings, however the Sheriffs and Prosecutors both reflected that of the 12 known cases, handloads played no role in determining whether or not to prosecute. Other evidence played a greater role.

Of those 12, 4 were plead down (plead guilty to lessor charges), and 2 went to trial. Both defendants, of the 2 that went to trial, were judged guilty.

None of the shootings involved forensic testing of residue (GSR) to determine distance.

So yes, 12 shootings out of several hundreds over a period of 30 some odd years is not a whole heck of a lot to go on. The only common theme amongst all 12 were that the individuals were reloaders and owned several firearms each.

The common denominator in the 6 that were prosecuted was drugs and/or alcohol.

Of the 6 that charges were never brought or were subsequently dropped, there was no other common theme.

As to my caveat? Idaho is changing. As more people from the more "enlightened" areas of the U.S. move here, they are bringing with them, those same ideals that they are supposedly moving to get away from.
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