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I happened to be browsing an old ammo book and found this information on the 351 Win Ctg.

Introduced in 1907
Type Semi-rimmed, Straight taper
Length 1.90"
Wgt 290 grn
Primer: Boxer, Small rifle

Full Jacket 1850 f.s.
soft Point 1850 f.s
Daimeter .352"

Length 1.38"
Dia. Rim .410"
Base .3805"
Mouth .3805"
Pressure 45,000 lb/sq. in

Min .345"
Max .352"

This ctg. was introduced to replace the 35SL as a more powerful round for the improved MOdel 1907 Winchester autoloading rifle. This cartridge has always had a certain popularity with police and guard work. It was used to a very limited extent in Both WWI and WWII by the French. The caliber was discontinued in 1957. However; according to this publication, dated some time back in the late 80's to early 90's, it indicates that the 351 is again being mfg'd by American Companies and also the British.

I found this book back behind a bunch of boxes and stuff. It did not have any cover or identifying marks as to who published it so I am unable to identify the author.

If it is true that American and Brits are making it there shouldn't be to much trouble to get it. If not. maybe the information provided will help you make some.


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