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As far as going without cleaning i haven't put it through the full test yet of my specifications anyway. I will eventually run 500-1000 rounds through it and see if i have any problems. Now cleaning wise, i have to say the ports foul badly or mabe it's because im not used to using a semi automatic shotgun. My maxus has cycled everything so far besides some exceptions which include a swollen hull, old paper shells, and 20 year old rusted shells that were so bad the wad busted coming out the barrel. Right now i honestly can't tell you how many cycles it can go without cleaning since the only jams i've had has been because of horrible ammo. I will update though. The action isn't really loose if thats what your last question was referring to. Now the bolt handle jiggles a little but nothing to worry about. It might be just me but i feel like im having to break in my gun where as other maxus reviews they are just starting off shooting and everything works fine. Of course i stripped down like you can see in the pictures and there are metal shavings from the parts moving when fired.
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