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Good info. Scratching the .357SIG, down to three.

Snake shot is a dumb idea, got it. I'll avoid the snake unless I truly have to eat one, in which case I'll look for the non-venomous kind and can probably find another way to kill it, like with a large rock.

I'm torn between the 10mm and .357Mag, but I'm still a little unsure about the .44Mag. Lots of power there, also lots of recoil, and quite a bit of overkill for predators smaller than a bear, IMO. So in truth, this really is becoming a semi-auto vs. revolver discussion.

Has anyone tried the 200gr flat-tip 10mm ammo? I'd hate to but a 10mm auto only to find it wont feed the ammo and then wish I'd gone the .357Mag route instead. However, if it feeds reliably in a Glock 20... I'm just about sold. Just need to find out if I can grip the beefy grips on a G20.

Seems to me like the most dangerous thing in the woods is still people, and the semi-auto capacity still trumps a revolver simplicity in that regard, I think anyway. And if I were to use the suggested warning shot against bears and such, I'd be down to 5 shots in a revolver... hmmm.

One last note, if I carried a gun and pepper spray, which would I want to pull out on a bear under which circumstances?
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