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My records indicate that the Remington 514 came in four different models.

514 Value @ 85%=$70.00
This is a single shot bolt action rifle in the takedown model. It would fire all .22 caliber ammo, (.22sht, .22long, & .22 Long rifle. I has an open sight rear sight and a bead front sight, with a 24" barrel.. This rifle was made from 1948-1971.

514P (which was discontinued in 1971)$100.00
Same as the model 514 except has a reciever peep sight.

514BC (discontinued in 1971)$95.00
Same as the model 514 except it has a 21" barrel and a one inch shorter stock.

514 Routledge/Smoothbore $105.00
Same as the standard 514 except had a smooth bore rather than rifled.

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