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Dinosaur opinion here, I go for reliability and that means as much as I like my pistols I pack a Revolver when I go into the woods, 357 is enough gun but for that little extra security I now carry a 41 mag with a 4" barrel. If I am hunting a 44 mag with 7 1/2" barrel. Never needed that extra power but like I said its that extra security thing. I would be sorely tempted to get the 10MM if you are a handgun hunter and you like to reach out for a little longer shot than most handgunners do but if my life was counting on the outcome its Ruger Super Blackhawk or Ruger Redhawk for me.

As a side note, the 7 1/2" 44 mag bites my hand less than the 4" 41 magnum does if that is a consideration for you. Convenience vs the extra sight radius and less felt recoil for that quick second shot if needed.
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