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I read the appellate decision

1. Springfield courthouse steps are a 'high crime area'??? I can only say WOW!

2. Investigators could not produce any of the eyewitnesses that 'pointed and yelled'. Hmmmmm???

3. 'Stern ............ removed the clip.' ARRRGGGhhh!!

4. The Springfield police commissioner recommended officer Stern be retrained on

Mass. firearm law BUT found no specific wrongdoing. (OK.... if he did nothing

wrong why retrain him ????)

5. 'The precise location of the gun is inconsequential;.....' It isn't??? Are you sure?

I know there is always more to a story than what we read here but it looks to me like

Massachusetts citizens can be disarmed by a police officer anytime they choose to

do a 'Terry' frisk because the officers have no way to confirm a carry permit. I missing something?

It would be great if some of our LEO's and lawyers would weigh in on this.

But first, please read the appeals court decision.
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