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Can you get a drum for the Krinkov? Can you get tritium sights for either the Krinkov or MP-5? I believe East Germany had some clip on tritium sights for Kalashnikovs. May be worth looking in to if you don't have any.

I'd likely want to have either the MP-5 or Krinkov handy. What about your Glock 18? That and a couple 33 rd magazines would be nice for backup.

A suppressor would be nice. It would eliminate the muzzle flash (not blind you when you shot, and show your position), and the blast that would likely be about deafening in the house.

For those that don't pay attention, or think it's an internet game, the "ONLY" options are because that's what he has on hand available, not what his imagination comes up with. It's not a game.

Those guns are that you have, but if you can aquire any more, the Finnish Valmet Kalashnikovs had excellent night sights attached, and much improved day sights. The Galil copied the Valmets in almost every regard, but with a simpler rear sight. A compact Galil carbine may be good weapon for what you are doing.
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