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Greater Seattle area...

We have several indoor ranges open to the publi in the Greater Seattle, Washington area - open to the public.

The following ranges are within 50 miles of Seattle:

Wade's in Bellevue
West Coast Armory in Factoria
Champion Arms in Kent
Bullseye in Tacoma
The Marksman in Tacoma
Sam's in Everett
Norpoint in Smokey Point

There are a few more that are member only too.

Cost varies from about $10-$20 and is usually good for all day shooting.
All ranges here you can bring in your own brass cased ammo. All the above you can "rent" guns to shoot and buy ammo there too. They also all have a "gunstore" part.

Most are limited to "pistol" caliber only. Some will allow to shoot AR's (usually have to join as a member - same for shotguns too).

Just know that all ranges have their "particulars" as they are not a chain business - meaning they are owned and operated by individuals/groups, as such, they add their own "flavor" to the rules.

Just get to know the rules of your particular range in your area and have fun.
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