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There are a number of ranges in Arizona and several in the Phoenix area.

I have memberships in one outdoor range and one indoor range.

The memberships for the outdoor range are about $160 for a family and you can shoot all day long. They do not rent guns but there is a smith on site to do repairs. You must have certain qualifications to shoot on the high power range or be a guest of the member holding those qualifications.

Range officers are just superb and keep control at all times.

My indoor membership for a family is around $300. For that, I get discounts on ammo and firearms ( I bought 5 SIGS, Bushmaster carbine, DPMS LR308, Remington 700P and assorted sights just this past year!).

You can shoot anything you bring up to .30 caliber rifle. The membership includes free gun rentals. You must shoot range ammo in the rental guns but reloads are fine in your own guns.

Staff and ROs are really nice and always willing to share a tip or two. I got my CCW there.
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