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I enjoy dog hunting for deer. I love to hear the chase. Except for the size of the group, this could have been any number of hunts I've been on in my day.

I thought this one line was interesting.

I wondered how many of those well used shotguns ever had a pattern put to paper.
In my experience I would say "not many." I know I've never fired a pattern on paper with mine in 30+ years. I did step off what I considered a "normal" shot (35 steps or so, it was a long time ago) and put 17 out of 24 Number 1 buckshot into the bottom of a bushel hamper (about 12-13 inches in diameter) with three or four others hitting just outside the bottom, but in the cone, when I first got it. I figured that was "good enough" for me. It was. I forget how many deer I've killed with that gun/ammo combination, but it's been a few. I have no doubt it would do the same today if I asked it too. From time to time I'd hear someone say they'd patterned their gun, but it was usually only after they'd missed what they thought was an easy shot. Usually they confirmed it wasn't the guns fault.

I love to hear a pack of Walkers on a hot trail.
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