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Rob Pincus
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Back in the day I used to practice techniques using what we called a Jo staff, similar to a Bo, but about half the length. I have continued to work with Escrima sticks, which are probably a little shorter than the canes. I checked out the canemasters site and I just can't get used to the thought of that hook. I will expect a good demostration when we all get together (sooner than later, I hope), okay Rich???

Meanwhile, this conversation is really re-kindling my interest in carrying a cane (straight one, at least for now...) I just cannot see myself getting away with walking around with a cane, unless I am also wearing a top hat and/or limping. Survival Rule number one is "don't get noticed, no one will bother you". I just can't imagine walking through the mall with a cane without at least dragging a leg a little bit to explain it.

To me it would be like walking around with one of those Mini-Golfcart-Oxygen rigs, just in case I needed to blow something up. And If I did that, I would feel a need to wheeze and cough I guess.
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