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ASP's are not legal for carry everywhere. As you point out, the ASP has no sharp hook, which can be really neat at grappling distances. ASP's require a split second to deploy. The cane is already in your hand. Regarding breakage, Clint Eastwood said it best: "Nothing like a good piece of hickory".

I'm not extolling the virtues of the cane *over* the ASP Baton, mind you. I only offer it up as one more tactical alternative in an increasingly hoplophobic world.

Thought you'd never ask! Actually, all it takes is three 6" bungies and one length of foam pipe insulation from Home Depot. The insulation sheath and cane can be attached to the saddle back top rack in seconds. After that, you slide it out (like a sword), when you get off, and slide it back in before you get on. Had it with me constantly during a 2 week bike trip to MN and ND in August.

As this weekend's trip will be in Free America, I'll opt for the Glock 29. If the unthinkable happens, I'd prefer to back you up with that . I may have been born at nite, but not last nite!

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