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Rich Lucibella
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OK, let me see if I can't help stir things up here. I've been the beneficiary of EW courses with Kevin McClung of Mad Dog Tactical ( ) and I currently train with Forum Member, Hilton, in Dog Brothers, Filipino, and various other styles of armed and unarmed conflict resolution.

I was introduced to the concept of the cane as a practical CQB weapon by Kevin McClung. As Kevin pointed out, a decent cane, purchased at any yard or tag sale, can make a rather formidable weapon in the right hands...better than a "Tactical Folder"; perhaps superior to a fixed blade fighter.

I did some research after the seminar and found a company called CaneMasters that makes hickory and oak fighting canes. These are indistinguishable from the common therapeutic cane, except for a wider crook, semi-sharpened hook and pattern for a hand grip. I now own 3 of these...think I'm hooked?

I've since taken up one on one lessons in use of the cane with a Kung Fu Master. Though, I'm hardly more proficient than I would be with a 32oz Louisville Slugger, I "endeavor to persevere". I highly recommend this item for occasions when a firearm or suitable edged weapon is not travel to foreign countries like Ca, NY, MA, NJ. The cane is innocuous looking and requires no feigned "limp" to remain so. Once you get used to it in your hand, it becomes virtually unnoticed by the public.

I recently carried a custom combat cane on a trip to Las Vegas. While airport security repeatedly challenged, measured, discussed and eventually returned my large Sebenza, they never gave the cane a second glance. Neither did the hotel or casino personnel. This is a weapon worth considering.

Mark Shuey from CaneMasters may be reached at . If you're lucky enough to talk to him personally, tell him I said hello and invite him to drop by.

Rich Lucibella

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