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In my immediate area (SE VA) there are two public assessable ranges (one is members only but there is no limitation on memberships, both part of gun stores) and one shooting club with an indoor range. One store range is $120 per year or $16 per hour, can shoot your own ammo. The other store range is $160 per year or $16 per hour, you can shoot your own ammo, discounts for military, CPP holders knock it down to $120 per year. The gun club is I think about $150 per year (not a member but have friends there and have shot as a guest) and no special fees apply to the indoor range. At the public range I have been to the fee is per person, but they let my son shoot with me for no extra fee. At the club quests are allowed for free. All the ranges are 50ft with target track systems. I believe the club has a required orientation prior to being allowed to use any their ranges, but this is not required of quests. The range I belong too also has other ranges across the river that I can shoot at but never have. There are four or five ranges across the river, so the competition might help to keep prices down.

Lead or jacketed rounds are fine no armor piercing, I do not recall the maximum round other than pistols/revolvers and 22s only.
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