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i dont knwo the history but the tanto blade, more specifically the american tanto style blade, such as used on all cold steels tanto pointed knives, in one strong strong blade design.

and i know of dealers of kevlar vests who will test standard point knives on the vest but wont test tanto point knives on the vest and wont let anyone else.
talkign to one guy he said that he has seen them do a lot of damage to a vest, but he oesnt reccomend that one think it can penitrate.
i dont reccomend that either.

i like tanto knives for their strangth but i liek knives with a lot of belly and none of the tanto knives have that.
my idea of the perfect knife combo would be a cold steel tanto for the left pocket and an emerson commander for the right.
assuming here that your strong hand is the right hand.
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