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Dragontooth is correct. The Tanto blade was designed in the same fashion of Katana, and the Tanto design is extremely srong in terms of both cutting and thrusting. Not only is the tanto tip stronger for piercing armor, but it is less likely to "catch" on bone such as the sternum and ribs during thrusts. The curve of a properly made katana and tanto are optimal for cutting and thrusting. FYI, a properly made Katana was designed to cut a man in two from shoulder to hip during a horizontal cut. The ancient Japanese used to test their blades on criminals condemned to death. The Tanto is made to a like standard, realizing that the power wielded by a man armed with a Tanto vs. a Katana is much less. However, in the hands of a skilled practicioner, a Tanto is an incredibly strong and effective tool. Also, in ancient Japan, when a Samurai entered the house of a friend or aqauintance, it was customary to remove the Katana form one's belt, but the Tanto remained just in case. In fact the Katana was usually removed and place to the right of the Samurai as he kneeled, but still within arm's reach.
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