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"first of all It won't be my son because I raised him to know better."

Not saying your kid is bad but...heard that song before. Remember what would have happened if the police brought you home when you were young? Believe me times have changed. Now it's rare when I talk to parents and they say "Don't worry trooper we'll take care of it!" It's always..."not my kid. He knows better."

"And no I woudn't shoot someone in the back as they were running away."

That wasn't me that said anything about shooting in the back(however...under the right circumstances it could be legally justified).

" if you are going to steal and someone shoots you for it than you probably had it comming."

Agreed. If I steal something, I do. But that's my value system. That's not the law.

"also when people just lay down and let other people violate them and their property You are just encourging them to keep doing it,and I think that is what is wrong with the world today."

I didn't say this doesn't deserve me I believe it does. This thread is about confronting a radio thief in the middle of the night with a gun and the subsequent possible consequences. My opinion is the legal, moral and civil risk far outweighs the possible good that can come from stopping a radio thief in the act.

"fortunatly I live where there are more guns than people in most homes and I can leave my keys In my truck and my four wheeler on the back porch with out having to worry thankgoodness."

What you should say is thankgoodness I haven't lost my property yet.
Do you have any idea how many burglaries to houses of people who said the same thing I've investigated?


If not you, then who?
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