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" It is a matter of principal with me I would confront the guy."

I can understand it being about principal. But not over the theft of a car radio. The minute somebody threatens me, my family or another, they are trying to take more than my property.
Look at it from another point of view. It's your 15 year old kid stealing somebody's radio. You know he's a decent kid, good grades, good athlete and headed for a decent college in a few years. He and some friends have been stealing from cars for a couple of weeks just for kicks (I see it all the time). But tonight he picks the car of a person who catches him and decides to confront him with a handgun. In your son's haste to run away this person feels his life is in danger and kills him by shooting him. Do you think you would feel the same way? Hey that guy had the right as a matter of principal to point that gun at my son. Or, I know what he was trying to do...he just wanted to make my son mess his know, teach him a lesson and turn him over to the police.
The neighbor may have been justified legally, but wouldn't you say "well yeah but you could have called the police and waited for them to come and my son would be alive today!"?
Deadly force is to be used to protect yourself or another from death or serious injury, threatened or attempted. Not to stop the theft of you car stereo.


If not you, then who?

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