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well, I have had a couple of mexican standoffs in the past the first when I was about twenty and a little too brave and dumb for my own good,nobody got shot so I guess every one was a winner,except the other guy did get a ticket for tresspassing though.the other time it scares me to think what would could have happened had I not had a lightweight commander in my waist whole family was with me we were on a trip.I had nowhere to run, the guy never saw my gun but he knew I had body language give me away.I was ready and he knew it.I felt calm at the time but very nervious later.He backed off and left.I did not call the police.Back to the siduation at hand,I live in a rural area and I am not sure how long it would take the cops to get there.But I know this, It is a matter of principal with me I would confront the guy. And right or wrong It will be his choice after that.
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