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has anyone thought of the simple solution of:
- installing outward-facing motion sensor floodlights in your driveway (cheap, effective, and a no-brainer if you own a home)
- installing a car alarm with red light 'armed' indicator(again - cheap, some are one-wire installs that anyone can do) Arguably effective, but I don't think many car-stereo theives would risk setting off an alarm IN YOUR DRIVEWAY. For extra fun, install an extra siren INSIDE the car. Makes stereo removal a little difficult to concentrate on.

Some folks are way too anxious to go charging into the night with guns blazing. In that scenario, you are taking yourself from a position of safety (inside your own home) and putting yourself in harm's way. Not to mention the potential legal pitfalls. Think of it this way, a COP wouldn't even pull his gun to prevent a car stereo thief from escaping, how would they veiw YOU when you do that ?
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