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not sure what i would do in that exact situation.

out here on the ranch, if there was some guy sitting in my truck taking out my stereo or whatever, i would get my winchester model 94 lever action 30.30, which i can work faster than any pump shotgun, and my pistol, then slowly move out the front door, and around the house to engage the bad guy(BG).
get him out of my truck and laying on the ground, check him for weapons. stand him up and rap him across the chin with the butt of the rifle to knock him out, would whack him more than once if needed.
then after i had tied him up would seriously wonder who in the hell would ever know if i just hsot him and buryed him out here this far from town.
after i got those notions out of my head i would call the sherrifs office, and tell them what the deal was and that if they wouldnt come get him i would haul him in.

assuming they wont come the 50 miles out to get him at 2:30 AM then i would just tie him up tighter in the back of my pick up, and let him bang around back there with the heavy tow chain, shovel, locked tool boxes .ect till we were at the cop shop.
then its their problem.

and "no officer he had those bruises and cuts what i made my citizens arrest."
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