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You are in Texas where you can legally use deadly force to protect your property during nighttime (but it is not recommended)

Your truck has been broken into twice in the last year while sitting in your driveway at night. Stereos and some cheap tools were stolen. Police reports were made but no one was caught and the property was never recovered. Each time your window was busted out and your dash ripped apart during the process. You have started leaving the porch light on all night to deter crime.

Late one night you are checking out The Firing Line with your favorite pistol by your side when you hear breaking glass out front. You grab the gun and quitely peak out the window and see one bad guy with a mask sitting in the cab of your truck trying to remove the stereo. You can't tell if he is armed or not but you know he used something to break the window so at the least his has a hammer or big rock.

What do you do?
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