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Originally Posted by peetzakiller
Actually, my understanding is that it IS a crime. You have committed homicide if you kill someone. The distinction is that you are JUSTIFIED in committing that crime.
I was assuming you are justified in the shooting, thus making it legal. Also innocent until proven guilty. In other words, semantics (oh man that is an awesome pun).

Originally Posted by Powderman
But remember this well--I (and other officers) are NOT the triers of fact in ANY instance. We simply observe, and determine if there is probable cause to believe that a criminal act has been/will be/is being committed. And, with a homicide, we have habeas corpus--literally, the body of the evidence--in the most literal sense of the phrase, laying right there. Thus, we have probable cause to effect an arrest.
This is insightful. Expect to be arrested regardless.
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