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If you consider the view of the anti gunners, the elderly and those without a position on guns, seeing one with a gun on their side is somewhat upsetting. Seeing a belt lined with magazines becomes a source of concern as to why they need that much.
The idea that we shouldn’t carry extra ammo because it might make some people uncomfortable is absurd. Being afraid of the reactions of the ignorant is unworthy of an adult, much less a LEO.
That’s like telling Rosa Parks, “You can sit anywhere on the bus unless it makes some people uncomfortable. Then you have to move to the back. If enough people complain, you’ll have to get off the bus”.

It’s our right to go armed however we like, within the law. If it makes some people uncomfortable, tough. Bigots had to get used to black people sitting wherever they wanted. Nervous liberals will have to get used to having armed citizens going about their lawful business.

Expecting us to tone down the practice of out rights is expecting too much. It’s pandering to the fears of the ignorant.
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