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Originally Posted by Sefner
First, it is a crime to not report a crime. I'm not talking about the "crime" of shooting someone in self defense (that's not a crime),
Actually, my understanding is that it IS a crime. You have committed homicide if you kill someone. The distinction is that you are JUSTIFIED in committing that crime.

I'm no lawyer, and I'm sure that one will be along shortly to clear this up, but that's my understanding.

Originally Posted by Skans
My question is really more of a legal one. It seems contradictory to me that you can be required by law to report a shooting, which may or may not be later determined to have been done in self defense. This seems contrary to the protections of the 5th Amendment.

That's why you say on the phone that you were attacked and feared for your life and were forced to defend yourself and tell them where you are and the you say NOTHING ELSE except "I really want to help you all that I can but I need to talk to my lawyer." and then you SHUT UP. Reporting the crime is different than testifying against yourself. You're not answering questions, you're reporting an incident.
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