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Freakdaddy said you have to report it but didn't really the best reason why... First, it is a crime to not report a crime. I'm not talking about the "crime" of shooting someone in self defense (that's not a crime), but the attempted assault, rape, robbery, murder, or whatever that caused you to have to use your weapon in self defense. Failure to report that stuff is a crime. Second, and most importantly, you do not want the perp to call YOU in. Because they won't say that they tried to murder/rape/rob you, they will just say that you shot them. At the point, to the police, THEY are the victim. Then the police find you, arrest you, question you, and you say "well he tried to kill me!" and the police say "Really? Why didn't you call us?" and they don't believe you. Then you are the one being charged with attempted murder. Bottom line: it is in your best interest to report the incident.
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