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"Neither of us has sustained mag failure but maybe we invest in better equipment or take better care of our gear."
If you look at this photo,

you will see that the magazine that failed is a top of the line Metalform magazine. All magazines, Les Baer, Metalform, Wilson, inter alia, will fail, it is only a matter of time.

Sometimes magazines fail without a single round being fired. Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch often tells of such an happening when he was serving with the Allen County (Indiana) Sheriff's Department.

ACSD carried 1911s at the time. Deputy Smith was dispatched to a call, arrived at the address and then exited his scout car. Upon exiting, his magazine's lip caught the car door and dropped his rounds at his feet.

Smith simply reloaded and continued on with the call. If he had carried no spare magazine, he would have had a single shot weapon.
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