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Things must really be different in Louisiana, than from N. Texas.

oldman1946 said: "Contrary to what you may think, the amount of illegal carry far surpasses legal carry."

Huh. I've been carrying a badge and arresting bad guys since 2000, and I have met a LOT of people carrying guns in the field. The vast majority of them were doing so legally. I can think of only two honest-to-Gawd criminals that I found with guns illegally secreted on their persons.

Now, I've arrested quite a few people that had guns with them or in their cars, but that wasn't illegal carry; it was just something to be dealt with like their car that had to be impounded following their arrest. Ho hum.

What I run into far more often is people who have totin' permits, who don't carry guns with them. I always ask them why they're not armed, since they went to the trouble of getting a carry permit.

Oh, I recall on some traffic stops that I've been on, where I've run into the occasional little old lady who, back before the state claimed "Traveling" included any time you were driving your car legally, carried a small gun in her purse, whom I advised to keep it out of sight. I suppose I saw an illegal carry there. But it wouldn't be illegal now.

Look, it's true that we cops look for some things that non-cops often don't look for. The drunk driving thing is a good example. People see the driver who's "All Over The Road" (tm), but probably most people don't see the more subtle indicators. (I say "probably," because it's certainly possible that they do see them, but simply aren't calling them in until they see the more gross indicators.) But that doesn't mean that we're any better at spotting armed persons than an unsworn citizen is. I certainly received no training in it in academy beyond a short lecture. Most of my training in it came from having a father who carried plainclothes every day, and expected me to tell him if I could see that he printed.

The reason to carry a spare magazine, for an auto loader, is to be able to immediately fix the #1 most likely source of failure in your pistol.

oldman1946"Neither of us has sustained mag failure but maybe we invest in better equipment or take better care of our gear."

If you have NEVER experienced a magazine failure, than I submit that you either have drastically over-estimated your round count and trigger time, OR you have not been correctly diagnosing failures on the range (surely you're not going to tell me that you've never had a stoppage?), OR you are the single most lucky shooter in the history of Ever. The question is, will that luck hold, or have you run out?
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