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With chigong you'd have specific breathing exercises tailored to form part of the whole ... for example what I learned is that when you unravel the energy from the "tanden" (belly chakra?) you should focus it into the striking part of your body only partially ... on a scale of 10 only a 3 would be needed to crack most onjects, 5 to 6 would rupture the blood vessels and render the limb useless for days. i think you answered the question though ... the breathing exercise for target shooting is in of itself a minimal proceedure. i was wondering about transitioning on that state of focus onto something else (physical combat, for instance) and how to handle it.

wen i say doctrinel i mean sumtin lyk a cookbook ... u kno lyk how to manage da process and not hab it interfere wid anytin else u doin ... wel u kno lyk da kine ... i'm jes talkin story braddah imma go now ...

*collapses from tiredness ... sleeps*
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