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Dealer is helping to walk me through the process.
However, if I understand correctly, if the paperwork is messed up- I have to resubmit it again, wait again, and submit another $200.

Am I correct, that if try to apply for the stamp:

* With a pistol receiver, (and a 12ga barrel) this would be a DD?
* With a rifle/shotgun receiver, it would become a SBS, but I am limited to keeping a stock on it?
* With a rifle/shotgun receiver combined with a pistol grip, it is an AOW?

This is what gives me a headache. I take it that it makes a great deal of difference which receiver I'm going to base this thing on. A SBS or AOW is a bit more versatile than a DD, correct? Or, with the DD designation, is it possible to configure it? I do understand that DD's are more of a pain in the sense that I might have trouble transferring it if I ever want to get rid of it?
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