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LASur5er, I never took Kyudo. The thought of losing an ear to a bad nock and release scared the hell out of me as a kid. Childhood phobias aside, it sounds like Zen consciousness can be quantified scientifically.

Christopher II, thank you for your post and the link. I knew that eventually someone more informed that I would put up more information and perhaps links. Still waiting for Skorzeny and LawDog et al, now that LASur5er has replied.

As for visualization's use in combat shooting, my $.02 on it is that anticipation is absolutely necessary for any measure of success in combat. Being able to read moves a la JKD or the "flow" in Aikido I believe can be directly translated to LOS shooting in combat situations. After all, isn't it used in skeet and trap shooting?

Would like to hear more on it ... oya and if someone could really hammer down a set of techniques in a doctrinal format I'd love to immediately print it out.
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