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I'm hardly an Olympic-level target shooter, but I do okay. My take -

The technique that Mr. Luzov describes has probably been taught by every target-shooting coach in the known universe. I use them myself. They, along with sight picture and trigger control, form the foundation of precision shooting.

Shooting has to be subconscious, if the conscious mind intervenes it will only screw things up. You cannot say "Okay, breathe, front sight, focus, hold steady, c'mon, c'mon, NOW!!" and shoot. By the time "NOW!!" makes it's way down the nerve net to the trigger finger, you've already moved off target.

So, you relax, breathe deeply, and, while visualizing the perfect shot in your mind's eye, let the trigger finger do it's own work.

Like the man says, it's simple to describe, but hard to do.

They're a bunch more articles on this subject at if you're interested.

Now, open question. Would similar techniques of visualization and such, be useful in combat shooting? Anyone?


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