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Good article.
I brought up a related thread, but as of yet no one has found the real story about some folks trying to get out of a town or village from an invading force...seems the only way they could all get out was they had to leave some volunteers behind to fight a delaying action. The only problem was the delaying folks could get caught and they might not be able to get out...alive.
The story went that the two that volunteered were Olympic people, one a pistol shooter and the other a rifle person.
End result? Everyone that had to get out, got out safely. The invading force? They took heavy casualties.

When everything comes together...

Dragontooth, do you think the feeling of shooting a gun and hitting the target exactly where you aimed is much like the Zen archery? Combining breathing with thoughtless thought?
Oh well, still trying to put that together. : :
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