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You do not notice this since you are not in law enforcement.
Former law enforcement here. LEOs are not the only ones who are alert.

Many non-LEOs have far more training than LEOs. You are not the only ones.

The same with hidden guns.
Why do you use the terminology of the Brady Bunch?

I thought concealed was better in your world? Now if the pistols (and ammo) is concealed it is "hidden", implying some nefarious motivation.

If you consider the view of the anti gunners, the elderly and those without a position on guns, seeing one with a gun on their side is somewhat upsetting.
I don't care. Let them shudder and whine about my civil rights.

Yes, I'll bet the sight of a Black man walking about after sunset upset Louisiana law enforcement too, but y'all got educated on that.

We're here, wer're armed, you better get used to it.

It may be some pro gunners would write also about how comforting it was to see an armed person in public but I have never heard of it happening so the anti crowd wins that round.
Where is this happening?

Where have the antis had a victory on carrying recently?

Where have laws been passed prohibiting open carrying outside of the jim Crow South?

Over the years I have seen an evolution in the public carry and that disturbs me.
Yes, more people are doing it as more states reform their laws.

The police are not the only ones with guns and openly carried extra ammo now. Those uppity citizens carry them now.

I routinely see people with 36 or more rounds on them.
Yes, so do I. In fact these people carry 36+ rounds on them. I address them as Deputy, Trooper, Detective or Officer.

Should the police be the only ones to carry extra ammo?

If it gets turned over to a Grand Jury, your spare ammo will be used against you. In the event you are not familar with Grand Jury, only the prosecution side is presented. Your defense atty or yourself will not be present and your side will not be heard.
Grand Jury? Not everyone lives in a grand jury state.

I would like some cases of where the "extra ammo" theory has been used against an officer. Heck with so many cops carrying extra ammo right out in the open, I'll settle for just six (6) cases of police being prosecuted for carrying extra ammo.

I'll wait here and load mags while you get me those cases.
"Arguments of policy must give way to a constitutional command." Payton v. New York, 445 U.S. 573, 602 (1980).
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