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BTW: You're pretty obsessed with spare ammo in restaurants. I've never noticed this phenomenon myself; are the mags more likely to jump out of my pocket there?
Nope, I am not obsessed with carry anywhere.

You do not notice this since you are not in law enforcement. You do not notice that LEO generally will sit in a spot where they can watch the door and the register. Most of the time, sitting with their backs to a wall so they can see what is going on and who is coming in.

You and many others here, as I am, will be considered pro gun and as such, the sight of a truck load of ammo goes unnoticed. Yet from the law enforcement view, we look for who may be carrying. A fanny pack screams gun to us. Coats in warm weather is virtually a sign saying gun. Oversize pants and a few other things suggest a possible gun.

We also watch the way people drive for signs of intoxication. Slow, wide turns, hugging one line or another, slower than traffic speed and such are also one of the 12 things we look for when a driver may be intoxicated. The same with hidden guns. Contrary to what you may think, the amount of illegal carry far surpasses legal carry. Breaking a law does not bother a criminal but law enforcement looks for the criminal actions of others for reasons of public safety.

If you consider the view of the anti gunners, the elderly and those without a position on guns, seeing one with a gun on their side is somewhat upsetting. Seeing a belt lined with magazines becomes a source of concern as to why they need that much. There are those that write letters to the media and politicians about it. It may be some pro gunners would write also about how comforting it was to see an armed person in public but I have never heard of it happening so the anti crowd wins that round.

I'm not surprised. Most cops shoot 50 rounds a year whether they have to or not. If you haven't broken your gear, you're not using it enough. Period.
I am 64 yrs of age and set in my ways. You do not know me at all yet I have been written about in law enforcement mags and in the law books. I shoot between 5,000-8,000 rounds a month both privately and in competition. My youngest daughter is a medical professional and she and I shot competitively for years. Neither of us has sustained mag failure but maybe we invest in better equipment or take better care of our gear.

I was one of the advisory panel when the CCW law was being revised here 20 years ago and long before most here was too young to be shooting. Over the years I have seen an evolution in the public carry and that disturbs me. Walk a mile in my shoes and see what I do. The only way you will ever see me is if there is a fatality or multiple serious injury where an expert in the field is needed. I travel over 60,000 miles a year looking at such, both at the crime scene when possible and afterward when circumstances warrant. Much of my time is spent in courts on this type cases.

No, I am not obsessed. I just see things from both sides and try to keep an unbiased opinion so my judgement does not become tainted. If I mentioned the other changes in CCW, shooting and firearm crime over the years, I would be banned from here. We are doing an injustice to our sport and our freedoms.

While at it, you mentioned carrying speedloaders by your friends. A speed loader will be six rounds. I routinely see people with 36 or more rounds on them. Did you know that alone can predjuice a judge or jury since it is often construed to be looking for trouble. Just get into a situation where you have a shooting and you are weighed down with spare bullets. You are going to be questioned hard and often. If it gets turned over to a Grand Jury, your spare ammo will be used against you. In the event you are not familar with Grand Jury, only the prosecution side is presented. Your defense atty or yourself will not be present and your side will not be heard. Having a box of shells on you will not go in your favor. From there, things will get costly for you.
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