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Originally Posted by oldman1946
Now compare that to a person carrying a revolver. They generally carry one gun, no extra ammo and feel comfortable and safe.
Most of the people I know who carry revolvers carry a speed strip or speed loader (although I knew a guy who carried an old-school dump pouch.)

And what does "feeling" have to do with it? For heaven's sake, there are people riding motorcycles without helmets after a few beers who "feel" comfortable and safe. I "feel" the same amount of safety and comfort whether I'm carrying the gun(s) or not.

Originally Posted by oldman1946
I have 38 yrs in LE. My uncle retired with 40 yrs. Two of my cousins has about 20 yrs each and with us shooting in training, competitions and such, not one of us have sustained mag failure.
I'm not surprised. Most cops shoot 50 rounds a year whether they have to or not. If you haven't broken your gear, you're not using it enough. Period.

Mags break; it's a fact of life. They're wear items; they wear out. You throw them away and buy more (but please stomp them flat before you throw them away, because some 50-rd/month shooter is going to fish your broken mag out of the range trash can to save money, sure as god made little green apples...) Heck, I haven't broken a magazine since a rifle clinic in early November.

BTW: You're pretty obsessed with spare ammo in restaurants. I've never noticed this phenomenon myself; are the mags more likely to jump out of my pocket there?
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