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These discussions always remind me of the difference between Obsessive Compulsive personality type, and Obsessive Compulsive disorder. What's the difference? One significantly interferes with your life.

We all want to be prepared. I think Marko Kloos said it best:
Originally Posted by Marko Kloos
"The whole reason behind carrying a gun for self-defense is that you're worried about the stakes more than the odds."
At least that's the version a quick n' dirty Google found, correct me if it's wrong.

The question is, at what point does your level of preparedness for an unlikely event seriously interfere with your normal life? Some people can comfortably carry a full size semi auto, multiple reloads, a BUG, multiple reloads for the BUG, 2 or more flashlights (cause Murphy applies to them too), 2 or more cell phones on multiple independent networks (Murphy applies to cell towers too), 2 or more knives, 2 or more batons, 2 or more pepper sprays, 2 or more tazers, and of course 2 or more first aid kits. If they can do it, more power to them. But just because they can do that without interfering with their lives, does not mean everyone can.

And that I think is the gist of this argument. No one can be perfectly prepared for all eventualities, so everything is merely an indicator of how unprepared we wish to be.

I'll use two examples here; seat belts and home invasions.

Seat belts are mechanical devices, prone to Murphy. How many people have multiple seat belts installed in their cars? Maybe just a 5 point harness over the stock one?

Home invasions have been carried out by professionals who cut power and phone lines, employ cell jammers, and come in teams up to five wearing body armor. Do you always have a high capacity rifle (with multiple reloads, of course!), body armour, electronic hearing protection, night vision, means of contacting help that are independent of phone lines (or cell towers, or house power) etc within arms reach?

Everyone evaluates the perceived risk and equips for it. I think all this fussing at people who do not perceive a need to be less unprepared than you are is counter productive.

Imho the real gauge for how prepared someone is resides not in what they carry, but how much they train with it. That's jus' me tho...
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