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My browning maxus review.

Picked up the maxus today, and it is an acceptional gun but different. First thoughts are feels great throws up great. Even though it is a very light profiled gun 6-7 pounds. It handles 3 and 1/2 mags beautifully. I shot everything from 2 3/4 to 3 1/2s today everything cycled fine. Recoil wise i give it a medium it's nowhere near as bad as inertia guns. It's very managable even for sensitive people. The muzzle jump is the smallest i've seen on a gun and is great for getting back on target especially shooting doubles in skeet. Swings very very good, hit about 23 of my 25 skeet today. My shoulder is a tad sore but in the past 5 days i've shot over 600 shells shooting skeet (yes i know crazy). There is one complaint the trigger, mabe it's browning but it has a give to the trigger before it goes off, like squeezing a rifle trigger but in fast motion. I think i can adjust it with the trigger groups. Got home after 75 rounds through it today. Cleaning it, well i left the gun oil on there that keeps it preserved in the case and all. And man it was dirty as hell. I'm guessing that factory oil was catching resedue mabe im wrong and all gas semi automatics fowl that bad but i don't believe it. It was almost as dirty as my 1100 skeet B that hasn't been cleaned for 3 weeks. Real reliability test will be tomorrow duck hunting in freezing conditions.

Anyway final conclusion is I like it alot and think it will serve as a fantastic hunting gun. Will post picks when i find my camera.

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