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Posted by 1946:
While I have noticed many here are younger and new to either firearms, CCW or both, there is a tendancy to carry a lot of ammo and even show it off.
And some of us are older/retired and have carried for 20-30+ years.
We carry what you would consider a lot of ammo because we don't want to run out in the unlikely event that we might need it.

Walking into a store, restaurant or out in the streets with ammo hanging off the belts causes some people discomfort. The likelyhood of a person needing that much ammo is slimmer than can be calculated but the odds of being seen looking like going to war is great.
We're talking CCW here, right? You said so in the 1st quote above.
So just how does packing extra ammo cause discomfort?
Just another straw man argument.
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