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I got to use the same set-up at my local range when I took their Personal Protection Course. It's called the FATS machine (FireArms Training System). This one had a Glock 17 and a SIG 226. The handguns are the real hardware, non-functional, and are connected to a CO2 tank. They go boom and have muzzle flip when you pull the trigger. And they stop shooting after 15 shots, and you have to drop the mag and reinsert it, simulating a reload. For civilian applications, you are put in various levels of threatening situations: home invasion, BGs in a parking garage, couple of guys approaching you at a drive-up ATM, etc. You have to decide at what point the threat justifies use of the gun. Sometimes they back off, sometimes they don't. It got some juices flowing, and the accuracy of your shooting (usually not too good, especially the first time) is tracked very well. This is a privately owned range open to the public. Anyone can use the FATS for $30/hour. The simulations are on CD-ROM, and they have a ton of them. They are projected on a large screen with a front projector, so the BGs look pretty close to life size. I've seen articles about the FATS, and its use seems to be growing. You may have one in your area. (I am in Des Moines.)
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