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Last evening I had the opportunity to visit the local PD (noo, not like that, it was friendly) and was invited to try their simulator.

I was handed a Glock 17 (barrel changed to shoot a laser and recvr mod to fire compressed air, causing cycle) and an OC cannister (pulsed laser, no gas) and stood in front of an 8'x10' view screen. Initial instructions were, "you are on routine patrol and you see..."

The movie starts (there is a computer operator behind a screen that can alter the scene depending on actions/reactions of the subject) and I am in a marked unit driving past a city park. There is an adult female and ~10yr old girl standing near the road. The adult (mother?) strikes the youngster visciously across the face. Sees the unit and rolls her eyes and turns away. The unit (me) stops and gets out of the vehicle. On foot at a distance of 10'-15', I ask "Mam. would you come over here and talk with me, please?". The woman doesn't respond, but the child responds in spanish (of which I speak very little). She says "Mi Madres ista somethingorother..." The woman turns and sits down on a bench with her hands around her purse and won't make eye contact. I just got the words out to the effect of 'oh great'...when she draws a handgun from her purse and fires.

I recognized the threat and came on target at least as fast as she did...but the operator behind the curtain had one more surprise...the Glock misfires (I call it cheatin' but he was at the controls)...I move towards cover (about 3' to my left) while looking stupidly at the (fake) weapon thinking 'did it fire, or not?' The op says "malfunction" and I finished the tap rack and doubled to end the threat.

Since I don't work for him, he wouldn't give full critique. I'm sure you guys will :-) Or ask about the simulator, it was pretty cool.

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