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I hope they're more accurate than the 20 or so single shot rifles Ruger built for the US Palma Team in the early 1990's. Those rifles were supposed to be the best hardware Ruger could put together. Ruger didn't know what a "Palma" rifle was nor anything about what bore and groove dimentions or quality was needed. So they used barrels made by Green Mountain in Vermont, a company who makes low-priced black powder barrels. Nobody "in the know" was surprised when they all were called wash tub guns. They shot groups at long range the size of a wash tub. Horrible triggers and poorly designed stocks without high cheekpieces for shooting prone with metallic aperture sights. Even with a straight vertical front screw, that modification didn't seem to help. The 4-groove ones shot smaller wash-tub size groups than the 6-groove ones; normal with Sierra's Palma bullet. I've seen one of these 20 rifles advertised online for $8500 shown below:

Note that Ruger's receivers are one of the least stiff ones on the market. They do bend a lot from recoil forces whipping the barreled action.
For factory rifles, seems the Savage ones shoot the most accurate. I'd go there long before even speaking the name "Ruger" out loud as a recommendation for a target rifle; it would hurt my mouth.

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