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Danger Dave,
Just a note?
Try going to finishing technique after your opponent is down in sparring. Find someone who is willing to do that with you and you might discover even though you take a really hard hurting hit and you go down? If you know that he is coming after you to finish you off, you will find the strength to get to your feet quickly or at least to your knees to try to defend yourself. (Good for real street self-defense)

When I first started karate, I found I was really good at aerial attacks...flying kicks.
Skorzeny, you'll like this.
One day a visiting karateka came in during the day...he was rough and rude and several of our ranking guys challenged him to spar...he easily defeated them. I was responsible for opening and cleaning the dojo so after he defeated the challengers he threatened to spread the word about the school having a bunch of worthless karateka.
I decided that I better defend the school's reputation or at least try.
When we squared off, I went immediately into a flying side kick. He went to rising upper block under my foot and I fell on my shoulders and head hitting the hard vinyl floor. That took the wind out of me. He bent down and two knuckle punched me in the temple.
He turned to walk away in contempt.
I dizzily got up and yelled at him to stop. We squared off again and I threw a hard lead hand back knuckle, followed with a flying roundhouse. This time I misjudged and my foot went behind his head, missing the kick, but he rgrabbed my leg and down I went again...this time it was a clean drop. My head hit the floor without my shoulders to take some of the impact. He came in again to deliver the finishing blow.
I was out of the fight, but I found a burst of energy to come to a sitting position and missed the block...he hit me square between the eyes.
Man, did my body hurt.

He strutted out of the dojo in his gi.

He dropped by a year later to challenge the dojo...this time I had begun taking kung-fu classes...outcome was way different.
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