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Danger Dave,
You have been doing some heavy duty sparring...good on you.
You've reminded of some other times...a long time ago.

They say that the third thing to go when you get older is your memory...I forget what the other two things were.

One of the funniest (not at the time) one stop kicks was when our dojo was doing a karate demonstration for a Kiwani's club. In the school was a really attractive husband and wife team that appealed to all the audiences. The wife was real petite and the husband was a good sized guy...he dwarfed her when he stood next to her.
Anyway, it was supposed to have been a forward two hand choke attack and she was supposed to block the hands and front snap kick to the groin. (Pulling the kick of course.)
As things usually go, Mr. Murphy showed up and the attacker moved in too close and she snap kicked.
I was standing where I could see their faces...his eyes bulged out, he grabbed his private area and her face turned red and she put her hand over her mouth.
When we finally got him to uncurl a little and let go of his death grip, we found that she had split his "aluminum" groin protector in half. Yow!

A friend of mine that works in a gun shop told me that he was turned down once more on a CCW, even though his ex-wife made two attempts on his life.
The first time, he claims, that a car pulled up at the end of his driveway...driver's side window facing him. He was washing his car and just moved to around the front of his car when three shots rang out. The car then sped off.
Then again, the next time, he had just received the divorce decree when ex-wife shows up outside his garage and when he comes out, she whips out a .45 and fires at him. He kept running around the car as she chased him firing the .45. Lucky, it only had a 7 round magazine.
As she reloaded, he ran into the house and locked the door to call "911". She ran away.
I verified the story by checking the police report through the commander.
I guess the local chief is waiting for the ex-wife to get it right before he might issue the CCW. (Not good enough reason?)
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