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Danger Dave,
I agree in a lot of what you say, that's why I carry ten rounds in my magazine, not one.
Also I learned to "break" an opponent down with multiple strikes in different areas to bring the opponent down.

I learned first, listen to my instincts, not mother in law's but I might have taken more lumps if I hadn't taken her to her favorite restaurant.
Second, Pack at all times. Be prepared.
Third, most important thing is get the good guys out alive and hopefully unhurt even though you might have to surrender? to gain the upper hand at the right moment. (Just thought of something...hold that thought)
Fourth, make sure you have back up when possible. Wife is now packing because of another incident which I already posted. Two your six and so that she could fend off all boarders if I go down.
Fifth, learn from other people's mistakes preferable to learning from your own errors...less painful that way...Nah, actually all my life, I have been learning the hard way...graduate of school of hardknocks.
Sixth, some being more powerful than I is watching over me. I have been lucky more times than a body should. Not knocking it, just appreciate it.
I'm sure there is more I learned, but I wanted to touch on something that hit me earlier...'xcuse me for a minute, Reb.

I'd like your input... if I had been packing already do you think it would have been better if I had gone to the fast draw to target the first immediate threat of BG #1 drawing his weapon?
Then turn to BG #2, a few feet from BG #1, and counter his attack with both his hands hidden in his jacket? Take a chance that he is packing inside the jacket pockets?
Remember now, that BG #3 is now at my 5 o'clock , draped over the hood of a parked car, pointing a handgun in my direction?

Just a though while I was thinking about it. I believe, I would have to have responded aggressively in this case due to the fact that there are multiple armed BG's and my wife and mother in law are in the car, defenseless.
I went over this experience with my wife the other day because I posted this story and she feels that she would have engaged BG #3 as she had the engine and car as hard cover.
I explained that her weak point would be her 4 o'clock (rear of car), in case BG #2 had run away from me then he would be at her blind side and if she didn't drop BG #3 quickly she would have no where to go.

Complicated, isn't it?.

Thanks, bruddah, for the back up and the info. Mahalo.
In unaarmed self-defense I think I have to compromise between the one strike concept to leading and controlling the opponent until I can either lead him into a strong counterattack where I can drop the opponent on the deck to hit the floor or wall hard so that he is hurt by the strike, then the impact of the floor and or wall or both. Achieved a bunch of knockouts with the set up. Easy to learn too.
I've been playing with this unarmed method for years. Have taught it to many folks and used it in more street fights. Had some of my friends use it in street situations. Before my daughter? youngest person to use these techniques was 42 years old. after 4 to 9 months training. Not a miracle style, just been searching for years to find a better way for me to survive.
My last street fight? 6 months ago. Guy tried to stab me with a steak knife in the street..he mumbled something, pulled the knife and lunged.
When I counter moved after the parry, he hit the wall with the back of his head, then when he bounced forward, his face hit the deck. Ouch, those hard surfaces sure can hit hard.
Meanwhile, I keep the search for simpler and better stuff to use to survive.

Thanks again, folks. Keep those ideas flowing, we all learn something by participating,some by reading, but we learn and progress.
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