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Okay guys,
What do you guys think of this situation?

I had just totalled out my car the day before so I did not transfer my equipment to my other car.
Both my wife and I were hurting but she wanted to take her mom out for her birthday so my mother in law wanted to go to a restaurant...I was getting bad vibes and I tried to get her to go elsewhere. No go.
I park the car in the county open air parking lot (well lit) and lots of cars.
After dinner, I get my mother in law and wife in the car and my mother in law insisted that I put the doggie bags in the trunk. As I open the car trunk the light opens and I look towards the driveway...three guys in rain coats are walking towards a guy coming out of his car.
BG alert! BG alert!
Time to leave! I'm heading towards the driver's door and the three guys swerve towards me. At thirty feet and closing, the guy in the middle puts his hand in his pocket.
Immediate danger, Will Robinson.
I figure, they haven't made bullet proof glass for my car yet, I alert my wife to lock all doors and I toss here the keys and shut the door.
Making like I forgot something, I move towards the three BG's. I start out slow and gauging distance and timing I speed up to the middle BG with the hand in the pocket to throw their timing off...he pulls a .38 snubbie out of his pocket and cocks it bringing his hand up in an arch to point at me.
He says, "This is a stick up."
Too late bad boy, i think, I cross step in right foot in lead cutting to my left, right hand moving in a straight line perpendicular to his rising right arm with the gun. My body is already out of line with his gun hand.
using chi'sao, "sticky hands", my arm soft checks and traps his gun hand moving it towards his body. Because it is a "soft" block, he doesn't resist. Right hand goes to eye jab. Left hand trap check his right elbow turning him.
I've already stepped in between BG# 1 at my 12, BG #2 is at my 9 now, BG #3 is at my 1 and trying to move to my 5 o'clock because I am moving to the right flank of BG #1 using him as a physical block.
Mr. Murphy now steps in, as I go for the disarm, I miss the grab on the snubbie and it hits the deck and bounces onto the pavement. BG#2 is now behind me with both his hands in his pocket and I'm already behind BG #1 to meet his turning away from me, I knee him in the face, but hold him up to use as a shield against BG #2.
Instead of coming at me as I expected BG #2 runs to the rear door of the driver's side and pounds the window and yells at me that he will shoot my mother in law who is sitting in the rear seat. BG#3 is in a flanking position behind a parked car about 30 feet away and he has a gun in his hand pointed in my direction.
I let BG #1 go, kicked the snubbie under the car as I walked with my hands up towards BG #2. I started to think about him shooting mother in law, but she and I get along I could have bugged out, but i would have left the one i cared for in the hands of the BG' can do.
End result? I was a punching and kicking bag for a little while and I gave them $20...I keep my bankroll in another pocket.
No big deal on the punching bag...I just zoned out...zen moment. It only got rough when they hit spots that really hurt from the car accident. I did do correct breathing at that time, though.
Couldn't put wife and mother in law in greater risk.
The real kicker?
They stayed in the parking lot (big lot) so I couldn't go for the pay phone (no cell phones then), so I got in the car as soon as they pulled away and got us out of there, when I got to a pay phone out of the area to call the police...the officer asked me why did I leave the scene? He threatened to arrest me for leaving the scene of the crime.
I told him that if they didn't want to catch the BG's after I gave him their descriptions, then I am again just a statistic. I hung up.
Thank god even with the mistakes made and given the situation, nobody really got hurt. I figure I was a gone goose, a dead duck...insert whatever saying that fits.
just happy to be here.
Comments? criticisms?Any suggestions?
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